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For my birthday I got a book called The Vault by Marcus Hearn, which is essentially a history of Doctor Who focusing more on the production side of things -- drafts of scripts and initial costume designs and that sort of thing. I've just reached the part about New Who, and it includes a page from RTD's 2003 pitch for New Who. Thought people might find it interesting, and it touches a little on Rose and Nine's relationship early on:

Rose’s new life against the ordinariness of her mum, and to touch base with something the Doctor can never have.


The plots aren’t worked out in any detail yet. But this is a good example of the style, and the scale, and the pace, and the fun.


Rose meets the Doctor, and the journey begins.

2005. The ordinary world. Houses and shops and telly and cars. Rose Tyler is busy, and hassled, and late, she’s got work to do and her mum’s lost her keys, and who the hell put that blue box in the middle of the street? She hurries to her boring job — in a big, city centre department store — and Mobbsy, her boyfriend, is ont he mobile, asking about tonight, and she’s got to go down to the stockroom, and—

..hold on. Did that shop-window-dummy just move…?
It’s not just moving, it’s walking towards her, and then suddenly, this strange man appears, and he grabs her ahnd and they run — somehow, she trusts him, right from the start — and they’re running for their lives and all the dummies are moving, they’re sinister and faceless and coming to life, all around her — this is impossible, they’re men dressed up, they must be…

The strange man saves Rose’s life, then disappears, like he was never there. And the dummies have stopped moving, they’re just plastic. She pulls the arm off a dummy, just to prove it to herself; ordinary, solid plastic. Surely… that didn’t really happen, did it?

But Rose takes the arm home. Like in some vague way, she might investigate this… although the further away she gets, the dafter it seems, and mum’s made chips and it’s time for EastEnders, and everything’s normal…

But the next thing you know, the strange man’s turning up at her front door… and the plastic arm is moving! And Rose’s boyfriend is acting odd, almost like he’s been replaced by a copy… and time is running out…

As the episode hurtles toward a climax, Rose discovers that a box can be bigger inside than outside. And her mind expands with it. Joyously! Aliens, monsters, invasions, danger — all true! And in a brand-new, bigger, madder world, where nothing makes sense anymore and everything is dangerous, she has to make a decision: can she trust the Doctor?
Ten & Rose; new new doctor

his final stop.

Anyway. Happy New Year.

And you! What year is this?

Blimey, how much have you had? 2005. January the first.

2005. Tell you what. I bet you're going to have a really great year.

Yeah? See ya!

And that's it, DRF! (Well, until tomorrow anyway!) We'll be posting a discussion post for anyone who wishes to discuss after the episode tomorrow. Try not to be too nervous everyone!
JE: kiss long shot (animated)

Journeys end in lovers meeting, etc

Or possibly Journey's End in having to work out what the fuck to call a second version of a character who is already primarily identified by a number
Or even Journey's End in realising you can now have three way ship wars within your one OTP

Celebrating both Ten and Cloen, so everyone gets some love. Temporarily in Ten's case, but I'm sure he got over it eventually.

So then... end of a season, end of an era, a new ending for Rose Tyler (and arguably the happiest possible one for her and the Doctor). What did y'all think the first time? Were you pleased or freaking the fuck out?

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DWM: hug

Let's youtube it up for today, since no images/gifs can properly show the most amazing moment ever

And while we're here, how about the all important Confidential clip, including an official shippy fanvid, David Tennant and Billie Piper being cute, and RTD being somewhat hilariously evil:

And because they made me laugh, choice quotes of a non-D/R nature from the end:
David Tennnant: So yeah, the Doctor is mortally wounded and needs to regenerate. And there's not really any going back from that.
RTD: He's changing into a new man. I've got no idea what happens next.

Who remembers TSE airing? And who remembers the ensuing week-long freak out? Never have I spent so much time screaming and panicking in one seven-day period. What did you believe - did anyone think he was genuinely going to regenerate (I seem to remember a lot of that around the time lol) or had you all figured out he wouldn't be?
tw: mumspiration

*runs into the room, breathless*

I didn't forget I didn't forget I didn't forget *pant pant pant*

So! Fires of Pompeii!


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