Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote in doctor_rose_fix,

you do realize she's not just gonna morph into rose if you pretend hard enough right buddy?

The Doctor didn't offer [Martha] a choice between every food in the world (actually, for some reason he keeps trying to feed [her] chips – healthy way to go, Doctor!), what he said to [her] was, "Where would you like to go now? I can take you anywhere! Anywhere at all!"


The Doctor raised an eyebrow. "Hungry? I can offer you a thirty course banquet in Imperial Japan, a kronkburger on Reblais Beta, dehydrated protein tablets on a shuttle to Mars – or there’s always chips, nice little chippie in south London. . ."

The Last Dodo by Jaqueline Rayner

Tags: book quotes, book: the last dodo, series 3, ten
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